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“Write An Article” is a  Special feature for encouraging Guest writers to convey their view on matters relevant to Indian/Global Defence  Geopolitics .We hope to help defence fans and experts to express their ideas and showcase their content writing skills to our Global reader community .

Submissions should be 600-2,000 words long and not previously published, and we reserve the right to publish, edit or reject any submission. We would prefer that your story is submitted using the form below and not via email.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we are not able to reply to all who submit articles, so if you haven’t heard back from us within a week, feel free to take your article elsewhere. We run a highly professional dedicated Defence News Website and we do not publish uninteresting and off-track articles.Please submit your article by filling up the form below.We are always looking forward for people to be a part of our team .

You will receive FULL CREDIT for any article you write.

NOTE  : We wont accept any articles that have Anti-India  tone .We dont pay for guest written articles .