Bangladesh-Pakistan ties hit new low as Bangladesh refuses to accept Pakistani envoy


Pakistan’s ties with Bangladesh are set to dip further with Dhaka refusing to accept Islamabad’s new envoy following allegations of Pakistan’s diplomatic mission being misused to perpetrate ISI activities against Dhaka and Delhi.

The post of High Commissioner of Pakistan in Dhaka has been vacant since this March.

While Islamabad nominated a new envoy to Dhaka Saqlain Syedah, the Hasina government has refused to accept her. The Pakistan High Commission is being charged with encouraging activities against the Bangladesh government.

Bangladesh government sources told ET from Dhaka that the Pakistani High Commission in Dhaka has emerged as a centre of anti-government activities as well as activities against India.

Sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, alleged that Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka was misusing social media tools such as Facebook to spread disinformation campaign.

It is no secret that Pak-Bangla ties are far from cordial and the Hasina government did not budge from executing the 1971 pro-Pak war criminals over the past 10 years despite Pakistan’s plea.

The previous BNP regime has been accused of promoting ISI designs from the Bangladeshi territory against India, including support to the insurgent groups from Northeast India. However, within months after coming to power in 2009, Hasina cracked down and handed over all insurgents to Delhi. The ISI has also been accused of promoting activities against Awami League.

By: ET

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