Bharat Forge expects orders for up to 4,000 guns from Indian Army; looks to become global player


The Indian army requires 3,000-4,000 artillery weaponry in the next 15 years, said Baba Kalyani, CMD of Bharat Forge.

The defence ministry has approved the purchase of 150 advanced towed artillery gun systems at a cost of over Rs 3,300 crores. “This is a positive for Bharat Forge. There is the added tailwind of the new NAFTA agreement as well,” he said.

“I think there will be many more opportunities that will come but this is a very good and a game-changing decision that the government has made,” he added.

Kalyani said that the company was aiming to become a global leader in artillery.

“In the next seven years, we want to be at the top of the league as far as artillery systems are concerned on a worldwide basis,” said Kalyani.

“In two to two and a half years, the order will get completed. This is a fully indigenous equipment, completely right from steel to forgings to machining to everything else, so hopefully we will do well,” said Kalyani.


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