WATCH : Navy Mig 29K VS Italian Supercar Lamborghini


The Indian Navy’s decision to pit its frontline fighter MiG 29K against an equally jaw-dropping Lamborghini Huracan Performante had netizens across the country puzzled and thrilled. A 44-second video, which has captured social media attention, shows the Russian-made fighter aircraft screaming down the runway at INS Hansa, closely pursued by the Italian supercar.

The Indian Navy wanted to inspire and encourage youth to join the Armed forces, especially the aviation wing of the Indian Navy, and that is why, the top brass in the naval force granted permission for the publicity stunt.

“It is a subtle comparison between one beast against the fighter jet which is a bigger beast,” an Indian Navy official speaking to STOI said.

Sources said that the Navy was collaborating with a magazine for an exclusive story which compares the performance of the aircraft and the car.

The official claimed that the Navy was preparing an advertisement campaign-cum-promotional video for recruitment of pilots for which the video was shot. The Indian Navy has joined hands with a leading automotive magazine to document the race.

“Today’s youth admire gadgets, fast cars and we want to inspire them to choose the Navy,” a naval officer said, explaining the rationale behind the video.

The video shows the Rs 3.97 crore sportscar lined up on the taxi track with the Russian-made MiG 29K alongside on the runway. In a few seconds both the machines burst away from standstill with engines screaming but as the video shows, the naval fighter jet is in a different league altogether, a point made clear when the aircraft performs a near vertical take-off.

Afterall, the MiG 29K is a twin engine air superiority fighter jet and the Indian Navy owns 45 such aircraft.

“This aircraft has come in for a lot of flak regarding its maintenance and we wanted to show that the MiG 29K remains a formidable fighter in the Navy’s arsenal,” another naval officer said.



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