LCA Naval Fighter Jet advances with a Tail Hook to land on Aircraft Carriers


After multiple reports that the Indian Navy has shelved the LCA Navy Fighter Jet, a new picture of the Naval Fighter Jet has surfaced with an arrester tail hook. LCA Naval prototype 2 successfully carried out flight operation from INS Hansa in Goa with a tail hook meant to land on aircraft carriers.

The latest in the series, the LCA Naval Fighter jet took off from the Indian Navy’s Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) which mimics aircraft carriers. Pilots and aircrafts operating on aircraft carriers are trained and tested on such platforms.

Mission system computers have been integrated on the LCA Navay and will now undergo thorough testing by HAL and Indian Naval officials. The funding of the Naval program is coming from the Ministry of Defence and the Indian Navy to locally develop carrier capable naval fighter jets for future Indian Aircraft Carriers.

There were reports that the Indian Navy had cancelled inducting the LCA Navy into their fleet and had instead asked HAL to focus on the 5th generation navalised version of AMCA which is currently in design stage. Indian Air Force’s LCA MK-2 will be renamed to Medium Combat Fighter (MCF) due to a larger air frame and increase in take-off weight which puts the fighter in the medium category.

The Indian Navy is keenly watching the development of the LCA Naval Fighter. Based on the development of technologies inducted into the platform, the Navy might place an order for a few limited fighters to fill the void.

By: Defence News


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