Terrorists threaten to target families, homes of security forces in Kashmir


For the first time in public, militants threatened to target the families and homes of local police and army men in response to the security forces allegedly vandalising of the homes of suspected local militants.

The threat came at the funeral of 18-year-old Vikas Ahmad, who was killed in army firing on Friday, at Noupora in Pulwama district on Saturday.

Soon after Eid prayers, Noupora villagers had gathered for the funeral in the morning when 2–3 armed militants appeared and addressed the mourners.

“The army and policemen are vandalising our houses. Now onwards, we will do same to the families of police, army and the CRPF men. We will target their families in reprisal,’’ said one of the militant whose video appeared on social media later.

Though militants have earlier warned local policemen and army jawans and asked them to join militant ranks and desist from harassing their family members, this is the first time they have issued a threat in public.

In the last few days, locals in south Kashmir have alleged that army and policemen were vandalising the houses of suspected local militants. Both the police and army have denied these allegations.

Locals said militants also targeted the homes of some low rank political workers and policemen in south Kashmir in the past few days. Recently, militants had warned the police officials not to harass their family members.

Later, amid slogan shouting, Vikas was laid to rest in his native village.

By: HT

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