BrahMos-equipped Su-30MKIs hit bull’s eye as Gaganshakti-2018 concludes


After carrying out extensive missions on the borders with China, the Indian Air Force has carried out strikes against locations from where the Chinese will gain entry closer to the Indian waters.

Su-30MKIs fitted with BrahMos missiles carried out strikes in the Malacca Straits which will be the entry point of the Chinese military in the Indian Ocean region.

The aircraft also carried out a sortie of over 2,000 kilometers where they were provided mid-air refuelling by Ilyushin 78 tankers and direction by the Airborne Early Warning Systems (AWACS), the sources said.

The air force is carrying out exercise Gaganshakti which is at the moment in its terminal phase and has showcased strength of the Indian Air Force to adversaries on both Pakistan and China front.

The Sukhoi-launched BrahMos can hit targets from a range of 300 kms and can destroy aircraft carriers of the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

During Gaganshakti, which concluded recently, the air force focused greatly on tackling a two front war scenario. In the first phase, its western command and south-western air command completely suppressed the enemy on the western front while in the second phase, the formations focused on the Chinese frontiers.

By: India Today

Source Link: CLICK HERE


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