Russia to Supply Indian Forces Advanced Armaments Tested in Real Warfare


Russia is prepared to provide a wide range of anti-aircraft weapons and military equipment, which have been successfully tried in real conditions, to India, Director General of the Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheev said on Friday.

“Russia is ready to supply widest range of armament and military equipment for the air defense forces of India, including anti-aircraft missile weapon systems and electronic warfare systems, equipment connected with them, defense systems for the most important objects and large administrative centers, as well as many other items.

And the Russian defense complexes against aircraft and missiles have been successfully tested in real conditions of large-scale warfare, proving themselves to be efficient weapons for confident undertaking of the most challenging operations,” Mikheev said during the ongoing visit of the Indian Defense Ministry delegation to Russia.Russia is a leader in the field of development and production of all the most up-to-date air defense systems and complexes, Indian Defense Ministry’s Director General Apurva Chandra stated as the Indian delegation visited the site of North-Western Regional Centre (NWRC) of the Almaz – Antey Corp., which is a unique defense and industry innovation technological park, located in St. Petersburg.

Russia and India have long been cooperating in the defense area. In January, Rosoboronexport said that the two countries carried out nearly 100 joint research and development projects in the defense industry.


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