India’s OFB unveils 155 mm ‘Sharang’ towed gun


The Indian Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) has displayed its newly developed 155 mm/45 calibre Sharang towed gun at the Defexpo 2018 exhibition in Chennai.

The Sharang, which weighs 8.4 tonnes, has an overall length and width of 11.84 m and 2.45 m respectively. The barrel is approximately 7 m long and is equipped with a single baffle muzzle brake and horizontal sliding wedge breech block. The towed gun also features automatic loading via a pneumatic flick rammer.

MoD Director Rituraj Sharma and Deputy Director General Alok Prasad of the Ordnance Development Centre said the Sharang is an indigenously developed weapon that is aimed at meeting the Indian Army’s requirement to replace existing Russian-made 130 mm caliber M-46 towed guns, which have been in service since 1968.

OFB officials said at Defexpo that the Sharang has emerged as the winning bid, with the service expected to acquire as many as 300 towed guns to be delivered within a four-year period.

Test trials of Sharang have been successfully completed in the Pokhran range.

By: IHS Janes

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