Govt opens doors for the Private Sector to participate in India’s $2-bn Stealth Fighter Project

Is India Inc ready for this ride with mega bucks thrown in?

In an initiative that would provide the private sector an opportunity to participate and gain experience in manufacture of an advanced fighter aircraft, and help the industry to bid for projects in the global aerospace market, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has invited the private sector to participate in the $2 billion project involving design and manufacture of technology demonstrators (TDs) and prototypes of the next generation stealth fighter, Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA).

A new manufacturing facility would be built in the new defence corridor proposed in Tamil Nadu. The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bengaluru, the nodal organization which designed ‘Tejas’ fighter jets, would provide detailed drawings and technical specifications of the twin-engine, twin military jet to the industry as part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, sources in MoD told Deccan Chronicle.

The schedule: three-and-half years for the first TD from the date of execution of the contract with ADA, and the second TD within four years. The flight tests of these technology demonstrators are likely to be completed in six years, followed by development of prototypes of AMCA.

By: Deccan Chronicle

Source Link: CLICK HERE


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