Chinese choppers violated Indian airspace four times in a month along LAC: Report

In a massive strength build-up, the Chinese Army violated the Indian airspace four times in a month, with People’s Liberation Army (PLA) choppers crossing over the LAC (Line of Actual Control) in various parts of Northern India.

According to an intelligence report, the Chinese helicopters entered the Indian airspace along the LAC near Uttarakhand’s Barahoti, Trig Heights and Depsang valley in Ladakh and Burtse in northern Ladakh.

The first transgression this month took place on March 8 when two PLA helicopters were found violating the Indian airspace in Ladakh’s Trig Heights region early morning around 8:55 am.

Surprisingly, the Chinese airmen managed to fly as far as 18km over the Trig Heights that has long been a disputed territory between both the countries.

The report states that this was not the PLA’s maiden attempt to violate the international airspace as they flew nearly 19km over Trig Heights and Depsang valley in Ladakh on February 27 this year as well.

The two PLA aircrafts were believed to have hovered near the Indian Army post for five minutes, reportedly to take stock of Indian troops’ positioning along the border.

The third airspace violation was then reported on March 10, with three Chinese choppers hovering over Barahoti in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, penetrating as far as 4km into the Indian airspace.

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Some reports suggested that the Chinese aircrafts flew over Barahoti for nearly five minutes before flying back.

Ladakh’s Trig Heights and Depsang valley are of immense strategic importance to India, thereby eliciting aggressive patrolling by the Chinese troops along the border.

But the Chinese fancy the world’s highest active airstrip, the Daulat Beg Oldi airfield, that falls in Ladakh and has long been successful in thwarting unwarranted incursions along the border.

The intelligence report further on states that the PLA has been eyeing the airstrip in order to keep a check on Indian troops’ preparedness in the region.

By: India Today

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