Samvedna: IAF’s first composite HADR air exercise begins from Monday

The first Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise of the Indian Air Force (IAF) in association with South Asian Region nations will be held off the coast of Kerala from March 12 to 17.

The multilateral exercise named ‘Samvedna’ would involve representatives from air forces of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the UAE, a Defence Ministry release said on Saturday.

The objective of the exercise is to galvanise all stakeholders in synergising unified HADR efforts, it said. The entire settings of the exercise are based on a scenario of a tsunami in the western coast of India originating from an earthquake in Makran subduction zone and resulting in post-tsunami disaster management along the western coast and western islands of India.

The exercise, spearheaded by IAF and conducted by Southern Air Command (SAC), will ensure better understanding and sharing of response procedures between a number of friendly neighbouring nations.

Samvedna, which means ‘Empathy’, would be focused on practising Air Force-centric HADR solutions in a Multi-national cooperative Disaster Management environment.

The exercise will provide a clear understanding of the scope, role and task, including challenges in air operations and ensuring better understanding and sharing of response procedures among the nations.

The broad format of the exercise will include ground training and flying exercise.

The first day of exercise would be dedicated towards pre-exercise ground training with an aim of getting all participants on a common platform. The Table Top Exercise on March 13 and 14 would be aimed at setting up a scenario of pre and post Tsunami disaster requirements and guide participants to work out Air Force Centric HADR solutions.

Flying cum Field Training Exercise on March 15 and 16 will be conducted from the dispersal area of Air Force Station Trivandrum to practice the flying/ field activities undertaken by Air Forces towards HADR under controlled conditions.

This exercise would help in putting in place a basic framework for the conduct of Joint Air HADR operations, which will be further refined during subsequent exercises. This exercise is expected to lead to more coordinated and efficient HADR Air operations in the entire South Asian region when the need arises.

By: Zee News India

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