India gearing up for WW3 with NUKE MISSILE launch – UK Media

The country’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC) test-fired the Agni-1 short-range ballistic missile at a target in the Bay of Bengal. on Tuesday.

A SFC spokesman said: “The trajectory of the trial was tracked by a battery of sophisticated riders, telemetry observation stations, elects-optic instruments and naval ships right from its launch till the missile hit the target with pinpoint accuracy.”

Named after the Vedic god of fire, the missile can carry a warhead as heavy as 5,500 pounds and travel 560 miles.

It comes just weeks after an earlier ICBM test that proved India could destroy targets in nearby China and Pakistan.

The dramatic test will likely be seen as a threat by hated-rival Pakistan.

Relations between the two countries have plummeted as both sides continue to push their claims on Kashmir.

It could also be seen as a direct warning to China, which has contested land in Bhutan, an ally of India.

Last month, Chinese troops advanced on Doklam – raising fears that Beijing was preparing a full-scale invasion.

Images showed concrete posts, seven helipads and several dozen armoured vehicles close to the point where the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army were locked in a 72-day confrontation last year.

India has said their troops will step in if it feels the Chinese Army is trying to disrupt the “status quo”.

Army chief General Bipin Rawat said: “The PLA soldiers are there in a part of the area, although not in the numbers that we them initially.

“They have carried out some infrastructure development which is mostly temporary in nature. “But we are also there. So, in case they come, we will face them.”

By: Daily Star UK

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  1. We should re double our efforts to equip ourselves fully committed to meet the eventualities that may crop from our neighbourhood.Ours preparedness shall serve as a deterrent to all those trying to test us militarily.

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