Pakistan has declared war on us, says Afghan envoy

Afghanistan on Wednesday hit out at Pakistan for having sponsored a spate of terror attacks in Kabul recently in which more than 100 were massacred.

Afghanistan’s ambassador to India Dr Shaida Abdali called it genocide and insisted Pakistan had declared war on the Afghan people.

“More than 100 people killed in one terror attack. The car came from across the Durand Line. This is nothing short of genocide,” he said in an exclusive and hard-hitting interview to India Today TV.

An angry Afghanistan has confronted Pakistan with proof of its complicity.

Afghanistan President Dr Ashraf Ghani sent Afghanistan’s interior minister and spy chief to Islamabad with proof of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence’s (ISI) direct role in the terror attacks.

“The interior minister and NDS chief were sent to share evidence of Pakistan’s role in the Kabul terror attacks. The evidence is clear. The terror attack was directed from Pakistan to blow up the Afghan Military Academy and target the Intercontinental Hotel,” Dr Abdali added.

Afghanistan has urged the international community to unite and tell Pakistan not to use terror as state policy. The attacks on Afghanistan have increased after the US announced a new policy for South Asia.

“These attacks are Pakistan’s response to the new US policy,” said Dr Abdali.

In response to Pakistan’s claims that it had handed over 27 suspected Taliban terrorists of the Haqqani network to Kabul as a mark of cooperation in the war on terror, Dr Abdali hit back saying “tactical moves from time to time have not given results.”

“Pakistan needs to stop training terrorists. Close the training grounds and the safe sanctuaries to terrorists in Pakistan. And they must show to the Afghan people and the international community that they have taken action.”

Afghanistan has launched a major offensive, from New Delhi to Washington DC, to expose the Pakistan state’s role in training, arming and launching terrorists into Afghanistan.

The proof includes night vision devices recovered from terrorists involved in the Afghan military academy attack.

“The night vision goggles found with Taliban attackers in Maiwand’s ANA base were military grade goggles (not sold to public) procured by the Pakistan Army from a British company and supplied 2 Lashkar-e-Tayyeba in Kashmir and Taliban in Afghanistan. Lashkar-e-Tayyeba is an international terrorist organisation,” Majeed Qarar, Afghanistan’s cultural attache in Washington DC tweeted.

Afghanistan has put out evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the public domain even in the United States.

“Abdul Qahar, the father of one of the terrorists involved in last week’s attack on Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel, concedes his son was trained in Chaman of Balochistan province of Pakistan by the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan. Qahar is currently in the custody of Afghan authorities,” Mahmoud Saikal, Afghanistan’s permanent representative at the United Nations tweeted.

Kabul has welcomed US President Donald Trump’s state of the union address where he said future assistance will only go to friends and that US military is no longer undermined by artificial timelines.

“We fully back the new US policy, but it is clear that action needs to be taken against terrorists. Sanctions are not sufficient to stop terror. Both soft and hard powers need to be used and a collective response is required,” Dr Abdali added.

By: India Today

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