China embarrasses Pakistan at CPEC expo with huge poster showing Kashmir as part of India

Pakistan’s Planning and Development Ministry was left red-faced when the official poster of the much-hyped ‘Gwadar Expo 2018’ released by China portrayed Kashmir as part of India .

The two-day Gwadar Expo was inaugurated on Monday by Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The exhibition, jointly arranged by Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) and China Overseas Port Holding, was attended by foreign diplomats, entrepreneurs and over 5,000 business representatives from all over the world, but mostly from China.

Meanwhile, the official poster first released by China raised much hue and cry in Pakistan. An angry delegate from the expo said over phone that though Pakistan considers China as its biggest ally against arch rival India, the fact remains that the posters in a way depict the official position of China regarding the disputed region.

After lot of criticism from Pakistan leaders and objection raised by Pakistan government, the official poster was altered and the new poster showed the region as occupied by Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention that Baloch political and armed organisations oppose the China-Pakistan nexus in the region. They cite the disputed political position of the region dating back to March 27, 1948, when Pakistan ‘forcibly annexed’ Balochistan.

In a statement released yesterday, the most active armed organisation of Balochistan, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), warned foreign investors against investing in Balochistan. “We will target any projects that are imposed on Baloch nation against its will,” the organisation’s spokesman Gwaharam Baloch said.

By: Zee News

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