New Interceptor boat launched for Coast Guard by BDIL Shipyard

Bharati Defence and Infrastructure Ltd. (BDIL), Mangaluru, the erstwhile Bharati Shipyard, on Wednesday launched Vessel V-410, an interceptor boat for the Coast Guard. It will be officially delivered to the Coast Guard by February 20.

The boat, which the Coast Guard has named as Charlie 162, was one of the 15 interceptor boats that the Defence Ministry asked BDIL to build in 2012. These boats can achieve a speed of 35 knots an hour.

The boats are propelled by Arneson Surface Drive and powered by two main engines each with a capacity of 1,650 kW.

BDIL has so far delivered six interceptors boats to the Coast Guard. Four were delivered from its Goa shipyard.

The Mangaluru unit of BDIL handed over an inceptor boat in November 10, 2017, and it is now operating in Gujarat.

Following delivery by February 20, the Coast Guard will station Vessel V-410 in Kochi. Each interceptor boat costs ₹25 crore.

Chief Operating Officer of BDIL, Mangaluru, Narendra Kumar, told reporters during the launch ceremony that BDIL would build five fast-speed boats for the Coast Guard. While two will be built in the Mangaluru shipyard, three will be built in Goa.

On Wednesday, Vessel V-410 was put into the sea here. Commander of Coast Guard Karnataka, S.S. Dasilla, Deputy Inspector-General and Superintendent, Coast Guard Refit and Production team, Atul Parlikar, and president and head of BDIL Mangaluru Pavithran Alokkan participated in the ceremony.

By: The Hindu

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