India, US and Afghanistan slam Pakistan over terrorism issue at the UNSC

Pakistan needs to change its “mindset” of differentiating between good and bad terrorists, India said at the UN Security Council, urging it to focus on challenges posed by terrorism emanating from the safe havens from across the border.

Indian Ambassador to the UN Syed Akbaruddin told the Security Council that it is India’s vision to see Afghanistan regain its place.

He added that New Delhi remain committed to work closely with its regional and international partners to bring peace, security, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the US told the UN Security Council that the status quo regarding terrorist safe havens in Pakistan is not acceptable.

The US had said that the status quo regarding continued terror safe havens in Pakistan is not acceptable and insisted that Islamabad join its efforts to bring a resolution to the conflict.

“We seek to work cohesively and effectively with Pakistan, but cannot be successful if the status quo, one where terrorist organisations are given sanctuary inside the country’s borders, is allowed to continue,” US deputy secretary of state John Sullivan told the ministerial meeting.

Afghan deputy foreign minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai too reiterated the presence of terrorist safe haven in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan continued to be in denial.

By: ET

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