India and China’s 3rd Aircraft Carrier Construction Plans and where do they stand

China’s third carrier (called the 002) is expected to be launched in 2019 or 2020. It will be almost as large as the US Nimitz carriers and expected to include electromagnetic launch system .

002 will undoubtedly come with other improvements. A more robust air defense weapons suite is likely, with close-in weapons such as the HQ-10 Flying Leopard short-range air defense system similar to the American RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM). Passive anti-missile and anti-torpedo defenses will be expanded to give the ship a fighting chance under attack.

China’s carriers could usefully operate inside the first island chain. China has fortified the South China Sea islands.

India also trying for a large 3rd Aircraft Carrier ::

The Indian Navy has put out a proposal for its third aircraft carrier, tentatively titled the ‘Vishal’ due to enter service in late 2020s. The 65,000-ton Vishal will be significantly larger than India’s sole current carrier, the INS Vikramaditya known formerly as the ex-Soviet Admiral Gorshkov, and the incoming second one, the domestically-built INS Vikrant which is expected to enter sea trials in 2019 as per media reports . The Vishal would have around 57 fighters. There are 75+ aircraft aboard a U.S. Navy Gerald R. Ford-class supercarrier.

The Indian Navy is also looking at an electromagnetic launch system for its third carrier, similar to the one aboard the Ford class. India’s first two carriers have STOBAR configurations, in which aircraft launch with the assistance of a ski-jump. Ski jumps means fewer weapons and more limited range for fighters.

India’s current two carriers like China’s current carrier are small with limited fighters.

By: Next Big Future
( article was also edited by our Team to fix some info as per latest media reports )

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