Maratha troops to bolster focus on counter-terrorism training

The Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre (MLIRC), which trains Maratha troops, has bolstered training for counter insurgency and counter terrorists (CICT) operations in order to meet operational requirements in forward areas (Jammu and Kashmir and northeast).

Army troops often get engaged in CICT operation in forward areas and over 70 soldiers lay down their lives in such operations each year.

Commandant of MLIRC Brigadier Govind Kalwad on Friday told TOI, “As the Indian troops are often engaged in CICT operation, we have shifted many parts of our advanced training of recruits to CICT. During training, we simulate real-time situations in Jammu and Kashmir and northeast so that the recruits become fully prepared for such operations once they are posted there.”

MLIRC has set up its dedicated facility called Low Intensity Counter Operation (LICO), about 22 km from Belgaum, with 22 obstacles, to carry out advanced training of troops in various terrains, including jungles.

“In this phase of training, we make them understand their roles as to how to operate in section (group of 30 soldiers) or company (group of 50 soldiers) formations in extremely tense situation,” he said.

Commenting on the futuristic changes in training, Brig Kalwad said, “We will focus on technology-oriented training to train them better and reduce training time. We have inducted electronic device to check firing accuracy of soldiers (instead of checking it physically and noting down accuracy).”

The centre, the commandant said, will soon construct indoor and jungle shooting ranges, with adequate safety measures like fencing.

“As firing is a very essential and paramount requirement of soldiers, we will focus more on this aspect. To simulate real situation (operation) as far as possible, our endeavour will be to carry out live firing instead of paintball gun shooting at these ranges in near future,” Brigadier Kalwad added.


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