SHOCKING : Pakistan’s UN declared Terrorist Hafiz Saeed creating an Army of his own in Pak

In a wholly deplorable development, Jamaat Ud Dawah chief has created an army of his own. The images of the special security team created by the Lashkar-e-Taiba for global terrorist and Jamaat-u-Dawah (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed are seen on the passing out parade of new recruits.

In Gujrawala, the new recruits of Jamaat Ud Dawah, going to be sworn in as the new battalion of the security guards took oath of serving the global terrorist.

Hafiz Saeed visited the Gujranwala town for the first time after House arrest for the passing out parade of the new recruits.

The LeT squad has been charged with providing Saeed with round-the-clock security cover even when he travels outside Lahore for his ‘engagements’. This squad is an armed one and carries deadly weapons.

The new video surfacing clearly show how this deadly terrorist is now working not only on his political front, but also his age old work of armed terrorism.

It has only been a few weeks since Hafiz Saeed was released by Pakistan from what was already a sham house arrest. Immediately after his release, he declared his intention to continue his Jihadist ways.

He has also declared that his new political outfit, the Milli Muslim League (MML) will be contesting next year’s general elections, something that led the US to fear that the terrorist would be running for the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Earlier this week Pakistan’s Army chief General Qamer Javed Bajwa had also spoken about Hafiz Saeed’s activities in Kashmir.

By: India Today

Source Link: CLICK HERE


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