CSIO transfers technology meant for Air Force, Navy to BEL

Chandigarh: Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO) transferred its technology of Military Aviation Head Up Display Test Platform (MAHTP) to Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) Ministry of Defence, Panchkula on Saturday for its licensed production.

This technology is meant for Air Force and aviation wings of Navy and Army at intermediate level, operator level and depot level for Airforce base station, aircraft manufacturing agency and manufacturing agency’s site, respectively. The comprehensive aviation test platform provides visual inspection, system health monitoring through communication, automated testing, fault debugging, repair and maintenance at system level, semi-automated evaluation of optical parameters.

Due to the flexibility in design of the aviation cockpit display validation platform, which is essentially a ground equipment meant for the usage by Air Force, Army and Navy, the design can be customized to any aircraft platform. Further, there are various innovative features that have been embedded in the technology making this strategically relevant to Indian Air Force, aviation wings of Navy and Army, production agencies and the maintenance staff.

The Bore Sighting System (BSS), an opto-mechatronic aircraft ground equipment which has been certified by the Regional Centre for Military Airworthiness Chandigarh (a body of DRDO – Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification), is used to install and harmonize head up displays, optical displays and cockpit displays at the desired position in the aircraft cockpit.

Its indigenization has saved several crores of foreign currency and its modular configuration provides an option to customize the design further for any aircraft platform. Its technology is under licensed production at BEL, Ministry of Defence, Panchkula.

The key advantage of BSS technology is the accuracy for a target distance of 60m, which implies the target positioning through head up display and optical display units would be within 10 feet for a distance of 10km.

The scientists at the CSIO feel the development of this technology package will also help in establishing self-reliance in strategic sector and is in line with the Make in India’ and ‘Innovate in India’ initiatives. Each aircraft squadron would require one set of MAHP and BSS and hence an estimated Forex saving of around Rs 50 Crores per aircraft type is estimated.


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