Rajasthan: Indian, British Army flex muscles in joint anti-terrorism exercise

A major war exercise is currently underway in Rajasthan’s Bikaner district between Indian and British soldiers.
The combined war exercise, named Operation Ajay Warrior, is going on at the Mahajan Field Range in the desert area of Bikaner.

The purpose behind the Exercise is to prepare against the menace of terrorism which has spread its tentacles in various parts of the world. The war exercise, going on for the last one week, has 120 soldiers participating from both sides.

During the exercise, soldiers displayed their superb skill sets. They had to operate in an imaginary demo set up where they had to save some villagers trapped inside a village by the terrorists.

During the ongoing demonstrative exercise, the soldiers from both sides performed remarkably during the simulated act. They put on display their latest technologies and managed to not only neutralize the terrorists but also free the villagers without any loss of life or property.

During the war exercise, soldiers from both India and UK showed stupendous coordination between them and achieved success.

After the demonstration during the war exercise, the army commanders from both the Indian Army and UK Army praised the performance and also assessed their preparedness in acting against acts of terrorism.

The soldiers seemed fit and battle – ready after the war practice in Rajasthan’s Thar Desert. The Indian soldiers were elated with their performance.

The war exercise required the formation of an imaginary village in Mahajan field range. As a part of the war exercise, information was recovered about some terrorists hiding inside the village.

During the Operation Ajay Warrior 2017, the soldiers ensured that some of the terrorists were eliminated while others were captured alive.

However, one of the successes was that all the villagers were rescued with no loss to life and property.

By: India Today

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