Salute! His laborer dad earned just Rs 60/day; he left US job, IIM Indore to join Indian Army

This is a big inspirational story. It may move you to tears. The story tells us that nothing in the world is impossible if you are armed with hard work and determination. This man is a son of daily wager. His dad used to earn just Rs 100 in a day. He refused to take a job in the US. Neither he joined IIM. Rather he joined Indian Army to serve the motherland. His name is Barnana Yadagiri. When his dad saw him in Army uniform at the Indian Military Academy IMA) passing out parade in Dehradun on Saturday, he burst into tears. Barnana Gunnaya, father of Barnana, used to work as a daily wager in a cement factory in Hyderabad. He was not even aware a day before the parade that his son was being commissioned as an Indian Army officer.

Noteworthy, Barnana Yadagiri has received the Indian Military Academy’s prestigious silver medal award, as per a report in TOI.

Barnana Yadagiri has left a big package US job of software engineering to join Army. He is techie from the prestigious International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad. Barnana refused a job offer from Union Pacific Rail Road, a US-based company. Not only this, Barnana said no to a call from IIM Indore. He had secured admission in IIM Indore after scoring 93.4 percent in the CAT exam.

According to Barnana, he decided to follow his heart and serve the country.

Barnana on Saturday received the IMA’s prestigious silver medal for standing first in the order of merit in the Technical Graduate Course. His proud parents witnessed this big and emotional moment.

He faced extreme financial difficulties in life. “I have seen days when my father earned only Rs 60 per day,” says Barnana. His mother is afflicted with polio. “Despite these extreme financial hardships, I was never tempted by money,” says Barnana.

Barnana believes that the kind of mental satisfaction you get by working for the motherland can’t be replaced by any amount of money.

By: Financial Express

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