Indian Army captures Chinese national snooping around defence installations in Agra

The Indian Army has captured a Chinese national roaming inside the Agra Army base area. The intruder has been handed over to the intelligence agencies. He is being interrogated by the police and intelligence officials in Agra.

Talking to India Today, a senior police official said that the Chinese national, who has been identified as Yan Hi Bo as per his passport records, entered India on October 24 this year. Yan Hi Bo came to India on a tourist visa that is valid till 12 February 2018.

He was apprehended by the army guards on Saturday night when he was found roaming around the Central Ordnance Depot on a bicycle, which he claims to have purchased. The army guards handed him over to the Agra tourist police after preliminary inquiry.

The Chinese national appeared to be of an unsound mind by his activities. The officials said that he might not have taken a bath for over a week. He was given a proper bath and cleaned up properly before interrogation.

The officials said that the fact that he got a visa despite having an unsound mind raised suspicion over the real motive of his activities around sensitive defense installations in Agra.

A police official claimed that the possessions of the captured Chinese contained a passport and a mobile phone, which was being examined by the cyber security experts. He said that the Chinese embassy has been informed about the capture of its citizen under the suspicion of espionage.

Once the security agencies indicate, Yan Hi Bo will be allowed full consular access as per norms, the official said. No case has been registered against him till now.

By: India Today

Source Link: CLICK HERE


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