World’s largest aircraft carriers arrive on Kim Jong-un’s doorstep

THIS is the astonishing show of sea power carrying out drills near the North Korea coast in a show of force against Kim.

For the past few weeks the American ships have been travelling to Asia to form a single three-carrier strike group tasked with carrying out the largest exercise of its kind in recent memory.

Super-carriers the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz are leading the naval group.

An array of warships will support them during the exercise which started today and are due to finish on Tuesday.

The manoeuvres will be a potent reminder to Pyongyang of the US’s ability to rapidly mobilise a military force.

The show of strength comes as US President Donald Trump meets with regional leaders at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam.

Trump is on a 12-day tour of Asia and has already made stops in Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.

His administration has demanded that North Korea halt ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

Japan said on Friday night it would send one of its two helicopter carriers, the largest ships in its fleet, along with two warships to join the drill.

Aegis guided missile cruisers from the US and South Korea will also be present and are designed to defend the awe-inspiring carriers from enemy ships, submarines, aircraft and missiles.

Additionally, Arleigh Burke-class destroyers will participate in the effort and they possess Tomahawk guided-missiles that can be launched from sea to hit land.

Two nuclear-powered attack submarines, which are tasked with seeking out and destroying enemy submarines, will be included in the group as well as surface ships collecting intelligence.

Up in the air are carrier-based F18 Super Hornet jets with a deadly payload capable of hitting infrastructure and military targets.

The 100,000-ton US carriers carry a combined force of about 200 aircraft.

It is understood that B-52 bombers will also take part in the war games.

The South Korean defence ministry said: “The exercise is aimed at enhancing deterrence against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats and showing off preparedness to fend off any provocative acts by the North.”

By: The Sun

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