Over 100 Pak terrorists planning to launch massive attack in J&K during Diwali week

An Intel report accessed by Times Now has revealed that the ISI, Pakistan’s military intelligence agency is making a determined effort to disrupt Jammu and Kashmir and parts of Northern India during Diwali week.

The latest intelligence reports distributed on the evening of October 17 (Tuesday) evening indicate that serious efforts are being made to strengthen the terrorist networks with additional reinforcements, to target military posts and civilian areas during the period.

Intercepts show that over a hundred terrorists have either entered the state or are ready at launch pads right on the line of control.

This has necessitated special countermeasures in both the forward positions –the border posts– and also, inside the state. What is worrying is the extensive use of guides, usually smugglers and herdsmen.

Terrorists waiting to attack ::

Two terrorists were spotted on 12 October in Sempura near Pantha Chowk in Srinagar. The intel report suggests that they are likely to attack a security forces convoy soon.

On 14 October, three terrorists (one local and two foreign) were spotted moving towards Pantha Chowk and Haidarpur. The intelligence report says “This group is planning to carry out terrorist initiated incident or target security forces.”

In addition, five terrorists have just entered Sonapindi in the Macchal sector of J&K. Six terrorists are in the Pakistani village of Dhundiyal. They are being led by the LET commander Rashi Gafoor and reports suggest they want to enter by tunneling from Ramgarh to Arnia.

Five Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorists are in Kunda, across the line of control (LoC) in Keran. They are expected to take one of the two following routes: The first through Upper Bor and Kachhal and Patro to Sundi Galli or through Nilam to Keran and Kundian to Zunreshi.

Four LET terrorists with a guide are at Battakaiyan in Uri. They are expected to enter through Khanda Nala to Baramulla or through Nusai and Dogi Pahar and Hajibar to Baramulla.

Five LET with two guides are at Kharameru and they plan to hit Uri. They, judging by intercepts, are either taking the SKS Pass to Ban Bahik to Litar Bahik and Rafiabad route or the Gail Galli, Kala Pahar, Naga Pathri, Baba Gail and Rafiabad route.

Six Hizbul Mujahideen with a guide is at Pacchiban launch pad. They are also targeting Uri, either through Panu and Sukhdar or through Pandu and Jabla.

Six LET terrorists with a guide are at Kharameru and they are likely to enter Kalapahar through Narpathra, Patiala and Kazinag or Manabar through Narpathra visa Patiala and Kakua.

On October 13, Six Hizbul Mujahideen reached Pak Post Jungle 1 opposite Krishnaghati. They are likely to attack forward posts.

Since mid-October five LET terrorists are at the Pakistani army post, appropriately named Badmash, opposite the Krishnaghati sector.

Ten Lashkar terrorists, trained at a forward Kahuta camp were at Launch Pad Kacharban. They have divided into two subgroups and moved to Balanwali Dhok and the Pak Forward Defence Line Contour Complex manned by 649-815 Mujahid battalions respectively. They have been told to attack Indian forward defense posts in the Saujjiyan sector.

Terrorists on October 14 have been seen near Pakistani village Deewar on the LoC. This is near the Pakistan military post-Green Bump, opposite Poonch. They are likely to attack Indian posts with standoff fire.

The reports suggest that the ISI is using all its assets whether it is the LeT or the M or the Hizbul Mujahideen. Indian security officials say that the next week will be challenging. With stone-pelting down, a spectacular attack is one way of telling the world and the Indian establishment that the situation is still volatile.

By: TimesNowNews

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