Boycott Made in China Products to teach them a lesson

Academic Advisor to Governor Dr Anand Bhushan today called upon youths to boycott anything made in China. Discussing ‘National Security: Challenges of China’ organised by Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) on the occasion of Haifa Liberation Day on Saturday at SS Memorial College at Kanke Road, Bhushan warned that the largest neighbour was not going to choose face to face clash with Indian Army in future in order to its utterly impossible quest of overpowering India, but was willing to succeed through either creeping in every household through its cheap products, or through imposed natural calamities by releasing thousands of millions of water reserved in Siachen glacier.

Not only Bhushan but all other specific experts present in the session, FANS National General Secretary (Organisation) Golak Bihari Rai, Vinoba Bhave University ex-Vice Chancellor Dr Anjani Srivastava, FANS Executive President Pawan Bajaj, SS Memorial College Principal Dr Nand Kumar and Jharkhand Minority Commission ex-Chairman Dr Shahid Akhtar were undivided on the fact that defeating long-standing colonial mentality of China was possible only through one’s love for Indian motherland and boycott of Chinese products in the Indian market.

In his introductory address, Bajaj said that the irony of the country was that youths had been kept away from the glorious history of India. “History of India has been written and taught in such a distorted way that youth have been forced to read a history of slavery and tyranny in place of our great heroes and the way they fought against those agonies.

This is why the young generation does not even know about heroes of Haifa Liberation or great freedom heroine like Hara-Rani. When we teach about Akbar the Great and portray him as a polite ruler, we completely forget that the one who becomes a ruler with the help of swords and invades can never be a noble and polite ruler.

The only challenge we have been facing these days is apparently China which is supporting a lunatic and one of the most tyrannical ruler of the time from North Korea which is threatening rest of the world with its newly developed atomic weapons,” said Bajaj.

Pointing towards China and Pakistan, Bhushan said that changing others must not be the goal, but prime goal must be changing approach of one’s own. “When we were at war with China in 1962, women didn’t hesitate to surrender even their most valuable ornaments for the sake of the nation. Contrary to this when our soldiers had performed miraculous task like surgical strike, our pseudo intellectuals were returning awards. This is the scale of our moral decay and we will have to rise to a level where national interest must be our only interest at the end of the day,” said Bhushan.

Rai extended the narrative by saying that China had a long history of imperialistic mentality and it kept intruding into its neighbours’ lands.

“The latest 73-day long tussle at Dokalam prove that China hasn’t done away with its expansionist approach. But he was forced to pull back, because this is a different India now. Be it China-Pakistan Corridor or developing sea-ports in neighbouring destinations including Sri Lanka, latest developments from China reaffirm the fact that China can’t bear its burden of growing population, falling GDP and mounting corruption at top level of governance anymore within its boundaries. This is why it crept into India through its products. We have to smash its market and teach a long-lasting lesson to it,” said Rai.

Srivastava, at the same time, said that none of the countries in modern world was fool enough to destroy itself by attacking on any other country. “The game has changed now. This is why we need to keep our internal interests aside while dealing with neighbours and keep feeling of nationalism prevailing. What Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done by joining hands with Japan, Australia and the USA, making a golden ring of protection on the globe against its enemies is a fantastic move. But we will have to remain united and dependent on domestic products itself,” added Srivastava.

Shahid Akhtar stressed upon necessity of understanding importance of national interest and how it could be kept intact. Experts like Nand Kumar too expressed concerns over battles which India was fighting from within, and said that national security was above all in absence of which national security couldn’t be imagined.

By: Daily Pioneer

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