Operation Clean Up : All out offensive in Valley before winter sets in

With the winter fast approaching and the Indian Army going all out to wipe out terrorists, it has been decided that the combat operations would be doubled. The Indian Army which launched Operation Clean up has decided adopt more aggression in a bid to wipe out terrorists.

This year alone over 148 terrorists have been killed. The Army has succeeded in wiping out the top leadership of the terror groups in a number of encounters carried out in the past six months.

During the recent visit made by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to the Valley, he ordered that the operations need to be doubled. He held a series of meetings with the officials of the Armed forces and told them to clean up the remaining terrorists.

The Armed forces are undertaking operations in a tactical manner. They are first looking for the top commanders before wiping out the foot soldiers. It is important that we take down the leaders before we go after their cronies, an official informed OneIndia. There are around 5 commanders remaining while the number of foot soldiers stands at around 60, the officer also noted.

By: One India

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