Made-In-India Trawl system to locate and destroy mines enters Trials

The DRDO has undertaken the trial of a Trawl system that could locate mines in the battlefield, the premier research body said today.

The indigenously developed system is used for locating land mines and creating a safe lane for vehicles through a minefield for the advancing columns of mechanised forces in a combat zone.

The equipment consists of Trawl roller, track width mine plough and electro-magnetic device (EMD). The anti-mine system has components that could detect all type of mines usually encountered by the tanks, the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) said in a statement.

The Trawl system , developed to meet the requirements of the Army, is capable of breaching a variety of landmines including passive and active influence mines, it said.

It crossed a major milestone recently with the successful completion of blast trials, which demonstrated the survivability of the equipment, when subjected to successive series of blast directly underneath it, the statement said.

The fieldable prototype of the Trawl system is in final stage of realisation and would be shortly ready for conduct of user evaluation trials by the Army, the statement added.

By: ET

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