Beijing is back with a new video, wants to strengthen trust and manage disputes peacefully

Days after releasing the bizarre racist ‘7 sins of India’ video, China is back a new anti-India video. But this time, it’s relatively placid with a few praises also thrown in.

Released by China’s official news agency Xinhua, the latest video – a part of “Talk India” series – calls India “world’s oldest civilisations” and a country with “brilliant” culture.

However, the video repeats it’s assertion that India, not its People’s Liberation Army (PLA), violated the border.

“On June 18, Indian troops carrying weapons and driving two bulldozers crossed the Sikkim sector and entered Chinese territory. It obstructed Chinese road works in the region causing a standoff between the two sides,” says the Xinhua video.

The video warns India to ‘remain sober and guard against any future poor judgement’.

Over the past two months, Indian and Chinese soldiers have been locked in a stand off over Doklam region.

Both India and Bhutan have allege that China’s PLA violated the border and crossed into Bhutanese territory on the tri-junction of the three countries at the border in the Sikkim sector.

However, Beijing in its new video says “the border issue shows a lack of strategic trust” by India and that it could lead to “strategic myopia” that “could even hurt India’s own interests”.

By: Zee News

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