India to increase firepower of Su-30MKI to counter China and Pakistan

To counter China and Pakistan, India will increase firepower of its deadly fighter Su-30MKI. The enhancement will be done under the Rs 3,000 crore proposal which was recently cleared by the Narendra Modi government.

The aircraft will be equipped with new more advanced reconnaissance pods which will help detect hardened terrorists in remote locations such as mountains and bunkers.

It can also identify bunkers built by the enemy in hidden terrain. The reconnaissance pods will help analyse suspected terrains where high value enemy assets or terrorists could be hiding and further locate the target and eliminate it.

Such reconnaissance pods were not available during Kargil war. With its presence, the Air Force could have easily destroyed the Pakistani Army and the terrorists hiding in the cover of bunkers made up of boulders and small natural caves in the higher reaches.

The Air Force describes the Sukhoi as its air dominance fighter because it allows the service to perform a multiplicity of missions required to keep up with India’s rising global stature. The Sukhoi’s versatility- owing to its extended range, speed, firepower and super-maneuverability – has given the IAF considerable freedom in deploying the aircraft in offensive missions.

By: India Today

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