Pakistan’s Friend Turkey Clarifies to India, Never Offered to Mediate Over Kashmir

Even as Pakistan continues to internationalise the Kashmir issue, it was in for a bit of a setback on Friday. Its ally Turkey has clarified that it ‘never suggested a mediatory role’ over Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Turkish ambassador to India, Sakir Ozkan denied that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had offered to mediate and said he was misquoted. According to the ambassador, the President had only called on both sides to “not allow the bloodshed to continue.”

In the meeting between PM Modi and the Turkish President in May, India had categorically mentioned that it will resolve all matters with Pakistan bilaterally. India also drew attention to terrorism being the core issue in Kashmir and between India and Pakistan. The PM had said, there was “need to work as one to disrupt the terrorist networks and their financing and put a stop to cross-border movement of terrorists.”

The Turkish ambassador was speaking at a press meet called to mark a year of the failed coup attempt in Turkey that the Erdogan regime blamed on Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organisation (FETO) of having carried out. He said they are in the process of purging Turkey of Gulen sympathisers and would need the support of friends like India. On Turkey’s request to India to take action against Gulen funded institutions in the country he said, “the institutions are still active but the cooperation with India is satisfactory.”

By: News18

Source Link: CLICK HERE


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