Iranian Army kills scores of possibly Pakistani Terrorists near Pak border

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces killed a large score of Sunni Terrorists in the southeastern provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, Thursday, the Tasnim News Agency reported.

According to the statement released by the Iran-based news agency, the IRGC attacked a group of Sunni Pakistani Terrorists in the south-eastern part of the country bordering with Pakistan, killing a number of militants, while also confiscating a large amount of explosives and ammunitions.

The IRGC’s Quds Base, operating in Iran’s southeastern regions, told the Tasnim Agency that clashes between their forces and the terrorists broke-out inside the Qasr Al-Qand County during the afternoon hours on Thursday.

“The security forces have destroyed an explosive-laden device with 600 kilograms of explosives, and have confiscated five bombs improvised for suicide attacks, more than 700 kg of explosive materials, tens of thousands of cartridges, and a number of weapons,” a statement from the Iranian Ministry of Defense read.

Relations between Iran and Pakistan have remained tensed ever since Islamic Terrorists from Pakistan killed nearly a dozen Iranian Army soldiers.

By: Defence News


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