Army Chief Gen. Rawat attends Passing Out Parade ceremony for 423 Gentlemen Cadets

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat attended the Passing Out Parade held at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) on Saturday.

After reviewing the parade at the Chetwode drill square, General Rawat addressed the 67 foreign Gentlemen Cadets from 10 foreign countries and also led to the culmination of training of 423 Indian Gentlemen Cadets.

While addressing the passing cadets, General Rawat congratulated and welcomed them in the team by boosting up their confidence and enthusiasm to work in this field.

“I congratulate all 423 cadets who became a part of the Indian party and want to thanks the families and friends for sending their children to be a part of this. I hope these new members of the Indian Army will maintain the status and reputation of the Army and will make all of us proud,” General Rawat told media.

A large number of school children from Dehradun, local citizens and Army personnel with their families and friends witnessed the parade.

The security arrangements in the city and at areas in close proximity to the IMA campus were tightened keeping in view the passing-out parade.

Yesterday, the ceremonial commandant’s parade took place at the IMA.

While addressing the Cadets yesterday, IMA Commandant Lieutenant General S.K. Upadhyay asserted that the Army’s reputation rested firmly on their (soldiers) shoulders.

By: Business Standard

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