Pakistan will vanish in case of atomic war with India, says Pak journalist Hassan Nisar

As tensions escalate between the South Asian neighbours – India and Pakistan, revered columnist Hassan Nisar warned against the threat of nuclear warfare evolving between the two nations. Nisar, known for his rationalistic and anti-war views, said Pakistan would be committing a catastrophe by indulging in an atomic battle against India.

“Even the imagination of an atomic war between India and Pakistan is too horrific. Their population is above 1 billion. We are 17 crore. Pakistan will vanish in case of war with India. We would be completely wiped out. On the other hand, you (Pakistan) may kill four times of your own population in India. Still 20 crore among them would survive,” Nisar said, while participating in a panel discussion on Awaz TV.

He further warned against the growing chauvinism and pro-war sentiment in Pakistan. “The jingoist elements within our (establishment and media) are not literate enough to understand the meaning of atomic bombs,” he said. According to Nisar, the nuclear weapons would be much more destructive in present age, as compared to the damage it caused during second world war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nisar appealed the Pakistani government to concentrate on elementary issues for the citizens, rather than increasing its military arsenal. “Several years ago, I had said it is impossible for Pakistan to create atomic bombs. But Pakistan achieved the impossible feat by creating its own atomic weapons. Now, I want to ask whether the nuclear bombs are helping us to tackle hunger, unemployment, illiteracy, lack of healthcare and justice,” he said.

Nisar also opined that hostility towards India would be detrimental to the interests of Pakistan. Calling the potential atomic warfare as death knell for Pakistan, Nisar added, “You are inviting your own destruction. And I can say that this would be the only nation which celebrates the news and developments which would lead to catastrophe.”

The Indo-Pakistan relations are considered be at its lowest-level since the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. The two nations are at loggerheads over a range of bilateral issues. The case involving alleged Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav is the latest point of contention between India and Pakistan. The matter is currently being heard at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague.

Commenting on the growing hostility with Pakistan, Indian Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said on Thursday, “We have taken initiatives to improve relations with Pakistan. But they have responded with terror attacks in Uri and Pathankot.”



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