India may procure 30 Jaguar Strike Fighter Jets from France

According to reports in French media, India and France are currently holding key negotiations on the sale of 30 retired Jaguar Strike Fighter Jets from the French Air Force reserve. France has already decommissioned the SEPECAT Jaguars from its Air Force in 2005 .

The negotiations underway are to buy 30 of these formidable fighter jets in as it is condition condition from France and the Indian Air Force plans to use the 30 Jaguar Jets for spares to maintain its current Jaguar fleet.

French reports has made it clear that making these 30 retired Jaguar Fighter Jets airworthy again is not possible but instead they can be used for its spare parts like air frames, tail section, landing gear, etc.

The IAF has upgraded its current fleet of Jaguar Strike Jets to ‘DARIN III’ standard. The upgrade project involves upgrading the jets with modern avionics, AESA Radar, Digital Cockpit and Advance Weaponry thus making them more advance than the F-16s used by Pakistan.

Indian Air Force plans to use its fleet of upgraded 60 SEPECAT Jaguar Jets for another approx. two decades with support from HAL & BAE to keep the fleet combat ready .


By : The Defenstar


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