Singapore debuts F-15SG fighters in naval exercise with India

  • Singapore has introduced F-15SG aircraft into an annual naval exercise with the Indian Navy
  • Besides enhancing anti-air warfare scenarios, the introduction will further boost military interoperability between the two countries

In a bid to increase the complexity of an annual bilateral naval drill with India, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) made an inaugural deployment of its F-15SG multirole fighter aircraft in the exercise alongside surface ships from the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).

The air platform was debuted at the 2017 iteration of the Singapore-Indian Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX), which ran from 18 to 24 May in the South China Sea. The shore phase of the exercise was hosted by Singapore at RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base. Besides two F-15SGs, the RSAF also deployed two F-16D+ fighter aircraft, and a Fokker-50 maritime patrol aircraft in the exercise.

The Indian Navy participated with two Shivalik (Project 17)-class frigates, INS Shivalik (F 47) and INS Sahyadri (F 49), its first-of-class Kamorta-class corvette (P 28), its sole Jyoti-class replenishment tanker (A 58), and a P8-I maritime patrol aircraft. Meanwhile the RSN deployed two Formidable-class frigates, RSS Formidable (68) and RSS Supreme (73), and its first-of-class Victory-class corvette (88) in the exercise.

The inclusion of RSAF aircraft in SIMBEX, which has until in recent years been a largely naval assets-only exercise, is a demonstration of its growing complexity and scope, said the Singapore Ministry of Defence in a statement on the event. In addition to anti-submarine warfare training operations, the 2017 drill also included elements of maritime security, anti-air, and anti-surface warfare elements.

The ministry also revealed that the two navies, which it describes as having “warm and long-standing defence ties”, are currently exploring new areas of co-operation in the maritime domain. However no further details on this were provided.


By: IHS Janes

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