How Pakistan was royally humiliated by Donald Trump & Saudi King in Riyadh

It seems Pakistan has started to pay the price of its duplicity on terrorism. While the country continues to claim that it is fighting a war against terrorism on its own territory, it never stops sending its state-sponsored terrorists to India as part of its proxy war against New Delhi. Not only this, Pakistan never acknowledges the presence of terrorists on its land and, moreover, openly provides state-security to internationally-infamous terrorists like Lashkar-e-Toiba chief Hafiz Saeed.

With its diplomatic efforts, India has been successful in exposing Pakistan on all possible platforms of the world as a terror-state and there were also talks in the US last year to declare Pakistan a state-sponsor of terrorism. Despite global rebuke, Pakistani diplomats and government continue to assert that India’s efforts have not dent Pakistan’s image. On Sunday, however, Islamabad got a taste of reality when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not allowed to speak at the anti-terror summit in Riyadh, which was attended by US President Donald Trump and the king of Saudi Arabia.

According to a report by Pakistan-based ‘The Nation’, Sharif was not allowed to speak at the event, even as leaders of some small countries put forward their views on terrorism. “The popular sentiment among the majority of Pakistani media delegation was that of a total humiliation of the sole Muslim nuclear power because not only there was no mention of Islamabad’s role against global terrorism but also the prime minister of the ‘frontline state’ was denied the opportunity to put forth its point of view.” the report said.

It added that even the representatives of some “minion states” were allowed to speak. The article noted that these small countries have not even “tasted a shred of the kind of carnage faced by Pakistan, which however has turned the tide on terror in an unprecedented episode of courage, commitment, and sacrifice that no other participant of the 35-state summit could even think of offering for world peace.”

During his speech, President Trump talked about how terrorism has affected countries like the US, India, Russia, China etc. The fact that Trump skipped Pakistan while mentioning the names of countries hit by terrorism, however, didn’t go down well with the Pakistan media. “The mention of India among the list of terror victims was more pinching as it comes at a time Islamabad,” it said.

Pakistan had recently received another global humiliation at the International Court of Justice, when the world court stayed the death sentence awarded to an Indian national, Kulbhushan Jadhav, by a Pakistani military court. Pakistan has fraudulently arrested Jadhav on spying charges, after he was kidnapped from Iran, and awarded him death sentence. The case is still on at the ICJ.


By: Financial Express

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