Army Destroys 151 Grenades in Tripura buried during 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War

A faction of the Indian Army on Saturday destroyed over 151 grenades, which were buried underground during the construction of a road here in Tripura.

Soon after receiving a court order on Friday to dispose these grenades in lieu of public safety, a team of experts cordoned off the area and successfully carried out a destruction operation.

‘As soon as we received the order, we sent it to a team of experts who took the grenades to a secluded area and destroyed them without causing any casualties. A total of 51 grenades were disposed by the team,’ said Ajit Pratap, Superintendent of Police (SP)-Tripura North.

Following the operation, the Army team sanitised the area.

Local villagers said that the grenades might have been buried during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 when the sovereign country emerged.

Historian Bikach Chowdhury said Tripura had six to seven camps in four sectors from where the Bangladeshi ‘Mukti Joddhas’ (freedom fighters) fought Pakistani forces after being trained in Tripura.

‘Over 1,600,000 Bangladeshis — a number larger than the state’s then total population of 1,500,000 — had taken shelter in Tripura alone,’ he said.

The nine-month-long ‘Mukti Juddho’ (Liberation War) later turned into a full-scale India-Pakistan War, leading to the surrender of nearly 93,000 Pakistani soldiers in Dhaka on December 16, 1971.

It is to be noted that Tripura shares 856 km borders with Bangladesh.


By: Electic North East

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