Two warships of Indian Navy arrives in Egypt for joint drill

Two warships of the Indian Navy today arrived in Alexandria in Egypt as part of an initiative by the two countries to expand maritime cooperation.

The warships, INS Mumbai and INS Aditya, will engage extensively with the Egyptian Navy during their three-day stay in the harbour, the navy said in a statement here.

The two ships are part of the Indian Navys overseas deployment (OSD) to the Mediterranean Sea and the West Coast of Africa.

Both India and Egypt have been trying to enhance defence cooperation in the last few years.

The setting up of the Indo-Egypt Joint Defence Committee (JDC) in 2006 was a significant step in strengthening defence ties.
Indian naval assets have been increasingly deployed in recent times to address the main maritime concerns of the region, including piracy off the coast of Somalia.

In addition, the Indian Navy has also been involved in assisting countries in the Indian Ocean Region with hydrographic survey, search and rescue and other such capacity-building and capability-enhancement activities.

“The current deployment into the Mediterranean will contribute towards the Indian Navys efforts to consolidate inter operability and forge strong bonds of friendship across the seas,” the navy said.

By: India Today

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