Pak Air Force jet Mirage on routine mission crashes near Jhang

A Mirage training jet of Pakistan Air Force crashed on Tuesday after apparently developing some technical problems during a routine mission in the Punjab province.

The French-made aircraft crashed in the Athara Hazari area of Jhang district. “The pilot safely ejected the aircraft and there was no loss to life or property on ground,” a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) spokesperson said.

No reason was given for the cause of the crash. PAF has suffered several crashes of its aircraft during training in the past.

A Mirage fighter jet of PAF crashed in October while on a routine training flight, killing the pilot. In September, a PAF fighter jet had crashed and its pilot killed in the country’s north-western Khyber agency bordering Afghanistan.

A double-seat version of F-7PG PAF fighter jet, which was on a routine training mission, caught fire and crashed near Mastung district of Balochistan province in 2015.

By: Deccan Chronicle

Source Link: CLICK HERE


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