Comparing Top Guns: Su-30MKI vs F-16 C/D

Su-30 MKI is One of the most Advanced Flanker version in the world today and it was designed & developed by Russia . Su-30MKI serves Indian Air Force as a Heavy Air-Superiority fighter and it can also be used in Ground strikes thanks to its recent integration with BrahMos – the fastest cruise missile in the world !

F-16 is a legendary Multi-role fighter of US origin which is also being used by Pakistan Air Force . Currently the most advanced F-16 variant used by PAF is Block C/D .

Lets see how these two highly capable fighters stacks up against eachother !



M-61A1 20mm multi-barrel cannon with 500 rounds

Up to six air-to-air missiles

Conventional air-to-air and air-to-surface munitions

Electronic countermeasure pods

Sukhoi 30MKI :

Built-in singlebarrel 30-mm

GSh-301 gun (150 rounds)

Up to 6 air-to-air missiles

Up to 6 guided air-tosurface missiles

Up to 6 laser guided bombs

Up to 8,500-kg cluster bombs

Up to 80 unguided rockets

Payloads up to 8,000 kg

Fighter Type :

F-16 : Multirole combat fighter aircraft
Su-30MKI: Air Superiority Super maneuverable fighter aircraft

Wing Area

Su-30MKI: 15m
F-16: 10m

Top speed

F-16:  Mach 2
Su-30MKI: Mach 2

Maximum take-off weight

F-16: 21,772 kg
Su-30MKI: 38,800 kg

Max cruise altitude

F-16: 50,000 ft
Su-30MKI: 56,800 ft


F-16: 3,000 + km
Su-30MKI: 3,000 + km


Both fighters are capable of BVR & WVR combat .


Both fighters are very Agile and Excellent Dog-fighters .

While F-16 is very much Lighter and has better Speed , Su-30MKI is equipped with TVC (Thrust-Vectoring Control )engines which means its ITR (Instantaneous Turn Rate ) can be EXTREME !! Superior Agility and Aerodynamic performance of SU-30MKI easily compensates for its Bigger size than F-16 .


F-16 Block 70/72 is the latest version of F-16 . However , Pakistan’s request to buy 8 more F-16s was recently declined by US ,so probability of Pakistan using latest F-16 Block 70 in future is very low !

On the other hand , US is very much interested in selling F-16 Block 70/72 to India and currently India is reviewing that proposal and in future we can hear some more updates in this regard .

SU-30MKI will be upgraded to ‘Super Sukhoi’ standard which will be much more advanced than the current Su-30MKI version .The specifications of ‘Super Sukhoi’ are still in negotiation phase ongoing between India & Russia .

We will try to expand our comparison criteria in future posts . We hope you have enjoyed this Comparison !


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