When Indian Army launched ‘Operation Meghdoot’ to take over Siachen 33 yrs ago

Siachen Day was celebrated on Thursday commemorating unmatched bravery, courage & sacrifice on the world’s highest & coldest battlefield.

Operation Meghdoot
Operation Meghdoot the code-name for an Indian Armed Forces operation, was launched 33 years ago . It was launched since in 1974, Pakistan started permitting mountaineering expeditions into Siachen Glacier because of which India had to keep a close watch on Siachen.

When was this launched
The operation was launched in 1984 to capture the Siachen Glacier in the Jammu and Kashmir. The military action resulted in India gaining control over the world’s highest battlefield.

Where is Siachen located?
Siachen Glacier is 76.4 km long and covers about 10,000 sq km uninhabited terrain. It lies in the Karakoram Range in the North West India.

The risk factors for Jawans at Siachen
The Siachen Glacier has a unique set of environmental challenges for the human body, which has to be changed accordingly in order to function at such extreme altitudes. Soldiers have to brave with low oxygen levels, an increase in blood pressure due to reduced barometric pressure at high altitude, extreme cold, high levels of ultraviolet radiation and also low humidity.

By: One India

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