Russia, India Have ‘Key Roles’ in Bringing Stability to the World

There is unanimity among experts that the current world order has become extremely volatile, especially in the backdrop of the worsening Syria crisis after last week’s US missile strikes there. War rhetoric is also getting louder in the Korean peninsula with the Trump administration sending its warship to the region and putting pressure on China to join them.
At the same time, Trump’s unabashed advocacy of the America First policy and trade restrictions to push growth in the US, and opposition to climate change treaties, and other matters of global common concerns, add to this volatility.

Russia and India, celebrating their seven decades of bilateral ties, need to cooperate and back multilateralism and issues that concern humanity, Indian experts told Sputnik.

“The current world order is extremely uncertain and the rules of the game have changed. Russia and India have to come together as deep value-laden interests bind us and require to work together no matter what happens. Many global institutions and multilateralism have proved to be insufficient to address these challenges,” Sunjoy Joshi, President, of the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation (ORF) told Sputnik.

The Middle East is a region where Russia and India can collaborate to counter religious radicalism, which is a global concern as well, said Ashok Malik, ORF Senior Fellow.
“India and Russia need to fight religious radicalism together and there should be no discrimination between different manifestations of this radicalism. Whether it is al-Qaeda or the threat from Daesh, each has to be dealt equally. There can’t be different interpretations of terrorism and radicalism,” he told Sputnik.

Current leadership and foreign policy establishment in both Russia and India enjoy deep mutual trust and understanding.

“Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin are astute leaders and have maintained consistent and level-headed positions on global issues. Compare that to President Trump whose policies on most issues remain vague. Not only that, many Western countries are taking bizarre positions on global issues in response to President Trump,” said Malik.


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