China Preparing Troops to Fight vs. Indian Army in Oxygen-Poor Battlefields

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has taken a small but significant step towards ensuring its troops can fight in the Tibetan Plateau — also called the Roof of the World because of its average elevation of 4,500 meters — by building extensive oxygen production and supply facilities in this oxygen-deprived war zone.

The PLA also said it built the same facilities for troops stationed in the Pamir Mountains, a mountain range in Central Asia. The Pamirs are among the world’s highest mountains with its highest point being 7,600 meters above sea level.

The western part of the Tibetan Plateau borders the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir while China claims ownership of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh to the south of the plateau. The two Indian states, which are heavily militarized on both sides of the border, will be the likely sites of a war pitting India against China.

Units of the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF) have been equipped with 165 oxygen generation stations; eight hyperbaric oxygen chambers; 12 plateau oxygen trucks; 4,807 small oxygen generators and 6,830 oxygen cylinders, said the PLA..

The Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission (CMC) seeks to ensure the effective management and maintenance of the oxygen production facilities in this high altitude region. The PLA said an integrated military-civilian maintenance network and spare parts supply channels will be established to ensure oxygen supplies.

The oxygen production-supply integrated support will be incorporated into the joint operation system of PLA troops facing the Indian Army stationed in the plateau. Oxygen supply facilities are available by the bedside of individual soldiers, said the PLA.

Mobile and base support of oxygen supply are available for troops in training. The full-process oxygen supply mode in wartime is now being tested.

“A total of 12 joint maintenance points have been set up with technical staff coming from both military and civilian units,” said an official of the Health Bureau under the CMC’s Logistics Support Department.

By: China Topix

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