Gripen C vs Tejas Mk1

Both these fighters belongs to LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) Category .

Gripen C was developed by Swedish company SAAB while Tejas Mk1 was developed by India’s state-owned company HAL .Gripen C entered service in 2003 while Tejas joined active service in 2016.
Both fighters have Comprehensive Fly-by-Wire system so both are very easy and safer to operate .

Lets compare the specifications now !

> General characteristics
Price :
Gripen C – 60 million USD
Tejas – 24 million USD
Cost Advantage goes to Tejas because its very cheaper to buy and maintain compared to Gripen C.
Gripen C – 1
Tejas Mk1 – 1

Wing area :
Gripen C – 30.0 m² (323 ft²)
Tejas Mk1 – 38.4 m² (413 ft²)
Advantage : Tejas Mk1

Empty weight:
Gripen C – 6,800 kg (14,990 lb)
Tejas Mk1 – 6,560 kg (14,300 lb)
Advantage : Tejas Mk1

Max. takeoff weight:
Gripen C – 14,000 kg (31,000 lb)
Tejas Mk1 – 13,500 kg (29,100 lb)
Advantage : Gripen

1 × Volvo RM12 afterburning turbofan (Derivative of GE F404)
1 × General Electric F404-GE-IN20 turbofan

Radar & Detection Range :
Gripen C uses PS-05/A – 120 km
Tejas Mk1 uses EL/M-2032 – 150 km
Advantage : Tejas Mk1
> Performance
Maximum speed:
Gripen C – Mach 2
Tejas Mk1 – Mach 1.8
Advantage : Gripen C

Gripen C – 3,200 km with drop tanks
Tejas Mk1 – 3,000 km with drop tanks
Advantage : Gripen C

Combat radius:
Gripen C – 800 km
Tejas Mk1 – 700 km
Advantage : Gripen C

Service ceiling:
Gripen C – 15,240 m
Tejas Mk1 – 16,000 m
Advantage : Tejas Mk1

Wing loading:
Gripen C – 283 kg/m² (58 lb/ft²)
Tejas Mk1 – 247 kg/m²
Advantage : Tejas Mk1 ( lower wing loading is better and it means Tejas can turn tighter )

Gripen C – 0.97
Tejas Mk1 – 1.07
Advantage : Tejas Mk1

Maximum g-load:
Gripen C – +9 g
Tejas Mk1 – +8/−3.5 g
Advantage : Gripen

> Armament
No. of Hard-Points
Gripen C – 8
Tejas Mk1 – 8
Advantage : Draw

Both have same no. of Hard points .While Gripen C mainly carries US & NATO weapons , Tejas carries mostly Indian , Israeli and Russian weapons .


Gripen C has better max payload capacity , better combat radius and better G rating. Gripen also has better avionics and its armament includes long range Meteor BVR missile .

On the other hand Tejas is lighter in weight compared to Gripen . Tejas has significantly better Thrust-to-weight Ratio , larger wing Area (useful for low speed maneuvers ) , slightly better Radar Detection Range , lower RCS ( radar cross section ) & has lower wing loading ( better turn rate ) compared to Gripen C .

Based on our Analysis , Gripen C comes out as a Winner but not by a big margin .Tejas is also very economical compared to Gripen C which itself is an advantage because more Tejas can be deployed in the cost of a single Gripen C .
#Please note that the above comparison is based on info we got from reliable sources and the specifications can be changed in future because of upgrades and arrival of new variants.

– Written & Posted By Our Team


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